Including horses in counselling provides unique experiences


Equine Assisted Counselling is considered a non-traditional approach to counselling. Including horses in the counselling sessions provides individuals with a unique experience that mirrors real-life. Equine Assisted Counselling is rooted in relational counselling and allows people to explore how they relate to others as well as how they relate to themselves. Horses help us become aware of our internal voice and our self-image. This is a necessary step to developing self-compassion and initiating change. Horses provide individuals with an open and non-judgmental interaction. Their engagement is based on relational experiences such as respect, boundaries, compassion, and trust. They create a safe environment to explore the many aspects of current relationships and teach us how to build and maintain healthy relationships.

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Nature-Based Counselling uses the soothing, healing, and reflective space that nature provides to enhance the counselling experience. There are many benefits of walking or sitting in nature and exploring how the human-nature relationship influences our individual and community well-being. Using the natural rhythm of walking in a peaceful setting allows counsellors and clients to delve into personal difficulties compassionately and gently.

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Counselling is in-office, one-to-one, talk-based therapy. This is what comes to mind when most people think of counselling. We provide individuals with a quiet and relaxed setting where we can explore the unique needs of each individual. During the counselling sessions, we will explore the immediate issues of the client as well as past histories and future goals for the purpose of facilitating and maintaining positive change. We offer a variety of approaches such as somatic experiencing, cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, with the addition of play therapy when appropriate.


We offer Video Counselling via a fully encrypted telehealth platform. We are fully compliant with all HIPAA, PHIPA, and GDPR requirements for client confidentiality. You are able to meet with a counselor anytime anywhere via a simple, secure, encrypted live online audio-video connection. To begin please register at the following link and book your first meeting. Once you are registered you can choose what counselling modality you would like to participate in.

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