Equine assisted counselling

Life is not one dimensional, it is a many faceted experience. At Collins Counselling we believe that counselling should reflect everyday life. To that end, we utilize a multi-dimensional approach to counselling. We incorporate evidence-based relational counselling, somatic experiencing therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy modalities which work hand-in-hand with neuro-biologically-oriented paradigms.

For those who find non-traditional settings helpful and appropriate, we integrate the benefits of equine assisted counselling and nature-based counselling environments. Equine Assisted Counselling and Nature-based Counselling allows clients to experience in the moment feedback for self-awareness, relational dynamics, and somatic experiences.

At Collins Counselling we believe individuals already know what will work in their life and what will not. Our goal is to work with clients to develop a treatment plan specific to their values and beliefs. We follow three guiding principles in our practice:

  • Ensuring safety for humans and horses alike
  • To work within the values and principles of clients
  • Building a stronger community with resourceful and resilient individuals

In other words... Every person has three types of responses to life; mental (thoughts),emotional, and physiological (body/chemical/neural). We work with all three responses to build a greater understanding and awareness within every person we work with. We explore how the responses of the body effect our thoughts and emotions and how our thoughts effect our body and emotions.

We also explore relationships between people and the emotions experienced as a result of these relationships. We can create deeper and stronger understanding with the help of horses. Horses provide honest feedback on how we relate to other people. Horses tell us if we are being authentic and truthful to both ourselves and others.

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