Nature-Based Counselling

Nature-based counselling is a non-traditional counselling approach that uses the soothing, healing, and reflective space that nature provides to enhance the counselling experience. There are many benefits of walking or sitting in nature and exploring how the human-nature relationship influences our well-being.

The natural rhythm of walking in a peaceful setting allows counsellors and clients to delve into personal difficulties compassionately and gently. Among more traditional offerings, Robin Collins provides nature-based counselling services in Kamloops are surrounding areas.

Outdoor therapy looks different to different people. As with all our treatment modalities at Collins Counselling, our outdoor therapy sessions are unique to the individual involved. They are also offered in combination with our others Services, which include in-office and virtual counselling as well as equine-assisted counselling.

If you’d like to explore how nature-based counselling can support your wellness, Reach Out to book an appointment or enquire about our other services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nature-based counselling?

Also known as outdoor therapy, nature-based counselling takes therapy into an outdoor setting.

How can nature-based counselling help me?

Whether sitting quietly in the fresh air, strolling alongside a counsellor, or undertaking an endorphin-stimulating outdoor activity, taking therapy beyond four office walls provides a diversion from the intensity of daily stressors.  Time spent in nature is proven to reduce anxiety and depression. Fresh air and natural surroundings can have a profoundly calming effect. Outdoor therapy also offers a less intimidating approach for many people than the face-to-face settings that is more traditionally offered.

Who is nature-based therapy for?

We work across populations, from children, youth, and adults to first responders, veterans, and families. All of whom can benefit from outdoor therapy.

Do I have to be physically fit?

Nature-based counselling has no physical boundaries. Gentle breezes, sunshine, the smells of nature, birdsong, and even rain have benefits for everyone. We work within clients’ physical abilities to provide the most beneficial outdoor options for each individual.

What are some benefits of outdoor therapy?

  • It encourages relaxation and mindfulness.
  • It boots our immune systems by reducing cortisol levels and decreasing pulse rate and blood pressure.
  • It allows us to disconnect from the noise of daily living.

Do I have to pick one type of counselling service?

No. We provide individuals with a multi-disciplinary approach designed to best fit the unique lifestyles, issues, and goals of the individual. We incorporate talk therapy, provide a neurobiologically sensitive approach, somatic experiencing, and other evidence-based therapies.

How do I book an appointment?

Our easy to use Client Registration form will guide you through booking your appointment - whether or nature-based counselling or another of our services.

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