Three Ways to Increase Happiness

August 19th 2021

Happiness is relative. Have you ever met someone who always appears joyful and full of life? Do you think their life is without hardship or sadness? That’s doubtful, but what is clear is that some people seem to have an innate ability to look on the bright side no matter their life circumstances. That’s not the case for most people, though, and at Collins Wellness in Kamloops we help clients navigate their lives and find true happiness. We believe the willingness to develop self-awareness is the first step in becoming a healthier, happier, and richer human being. There are many ways to increase happiness, both in the moment and as an overall state of being. Here are three that we think have the greatest impact.

Set Your Intention

Believe that happiness is a choice and then commit to choosing positivity over negativity. In order to be able to capture positivity and happiness in our daily lives, we need to intentionally make the time in our days to experience it. Then we must have the self-awareness to recognize our joy in the moment that we are experiencing it and appreciate it. As you intentionally focus on the happy moments day after day, recognizing those moments will become a habit and soon enough you won’t have to try as often to look on the bright side. It will be there looking at you.

Discover – or Rediscover – Joy

Reconnect with your inner child. Watch a group of children as they play alone or in a group setting. Listen to their laughter and unencumbered joy. Witness their wonder at the world around them and remind yourself that you too can find wonder in the little things that surround you. Perhaps your busy schedule has gotten in the way of making time to do the things you love, but making fun a priority will pay off greatly in the long run. Consider trying a new hobby (ever tried pickleball? It’s all the rage, apparently) or pick up an old one that was put aside. Join a group or embrace your alone time. The activity doesn’t matter as much as the feeling it conjures.

Give Back

Helping others find happiness is a sure-fire way to increase your own feeling of well-being. Acts of service, whether through dedicated volunteering or solitary acts, go a long way to inspire feelings of connection, happiness, and a greater sense of belonging. Working with those less fortunate reminds us of all we have to be grateful for and as we bring joy to others, they give their joy back to us. Giving back can be as simple as offering an unexpected smile, returning a lost wallet, assisting an elderly pedestrian across a busy street, or signing up to be a regular volunteer. It doesn’t have to be difficult or time-intensive to have a positive effect.

If you are looking to make changes in your life and feel like you could benefit from some assistance, please review my counselling services at Collins Wellness and then book an appointment.

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