Easing the Feeling of Chaos at Christmas

December 20th 2022

Collins Wellness is a Kamloops counselling company that strives to improve the mental health and well-being of all our clients. We provide a caring and safe environment for anyone to heal, explore their feelings, and move forward in life. Collins Wellness believes in a multi-disciplinary approach that allows anyone to resolve past traumas and then grow into the person they want to be – even during the chaos that happens with Christmas.

Christmas is a very busy time of year, and the holiday season can be full of high-stress moments. During this time of year, it is easy to forget to plan and be intentional with your decisions. The resulting domino effect can cause problems both emotionally and financially. Because it’s quite common to feel a sense of chaos from November towards the end of the year, we have put together some suggestions for easing the feelings of chaos at Christmas time:

Consider Changing Your Routine

The Christmas season often brings with it many off-timetable activities and last minute schedule changes. Be mindful of how you feel. Take time to focus on unwinding and relaxing at the end of the day. Choose to snuggle in a soft blanket on the sofa, listen to comforting music, or drink your favourite seasonal hot drink. Regulation is important for both children and adults by safely offloading feelings in a familiar outlet.

Consider and Communicate Boundaries

Setting boundaries is important in any situation – especially during Christmas. Before you commit to anything, take the time to reflect and decide on limits you are comfortable with. Perhaps someone has asked you to host or maybe you need to travel this season? You should take the time to decide what activities you will or will not do, how long you will stay, and how much money you will spend. Having these decisions made beforehand can really help relieve some of your overall feelings of holiday stress.

Eating During the Holidays

Food and eating can be complex and emotive subjects for some people, especially around Christmas. If you are concerned, stick with what you’re comfortable with. You do not need to eat ‘just because it’s Christmas”. Instead, you can choose to eat small and regular portions; with the option for treats interspersed throughout the day.

Additional tips include avoiding excessive alcohol since it dehydrates your body and hinders sleep quality. Additionally, consider drinking decaffeinated beverages at Christmas and opting for herbal tea alternatives. This small change will help you better regulate your cortisol levels (the hormone that prepares you for ‘fight or flight’) and reduce your overall feeling of anxiety.

If you would like more help and advice with easing the feeling of chaos at christmas, Contact a Kamloops counsellor at Collins Wellness for an appointment today!

The Gift of Giving

Gift-giving during Christmas can be a very exciting and fun part of the festive season. It can also be a turbulent experience for some people for any reason. Consider making gift-giving and receiving a collaborative experience for those involved. You could help manage expectations by providing wish lists for family and friends. Another suggestion is to spread gifts across the festive period to reduce overwhelming experiences on Christmas morning. Consider the sensory part of gift-giving, maybe you could use fabric instead of noisy wrapping paper and bright ribbons.

Post Seasonal Blues

It is perfectly normal to feel a bit blue during the winter. After Christmas, the weather is colder and the days are shorter. Did you know there is up to six hours less daylight during the winter in Kamloops compared to the summer? This means your body is producing less Vitamin D, which means there’s a good change you will feel sadder more often.

Perhaps you could use this opportunity as a time to connect with others in your inner circle. Christmas is the season for joy and thankfulness. You can carry these ideals into the New Year and practice gratitude throughout January and February.

Christmas can be a lonely and isolating time for some. If you find a chat with a friendly counsellor may help you ease some stress at Christmas time, then Contact a Kamloops counsellor for an appointment today!

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