5 Reasons to See a Kamloops Counsellor During the Pandemic

March 19th 2021

Let’s be real. The pandemic has been tough on everyone. Here at Collins Wellness in Kamloops, we believe that counselling should reflect everyday life. When everyday life consists of all the extra stressors that come from living in a pandemic, we assure you that talking with a counsellor can help.

Here are 5 reasons to see a Kamloops counsellor during the pandemic.

  • We’re here to listen.

    If you’re navigating the pandemic as a parent of young children, chances are good you spend your days putting on a brave face, managing chaos, and trying your best to embrace this new reality calmly with energy and poise. That is exhausting and isolating. Talking to a counsellor can help you work through your feelings of isolation, fear, and anxiety. As counsellors, we are here to listen and support you, making no demands and having no heavy expectations. We provide a safe place to engage.

  • Access.

    One of the benefits of the pandemic (yes, there are a few) is the increased access to counselling through online therapy. There is no need to plan for a lengthy commute or worry in advance about finding a suitable parking spot. You simply book online and show up at the designated time. So, if you’ve been putting off counselling because of access issues, now is the perfect time to seek help.

  • Connection.

    Before the spring of 2020 the words “social distance” were not a part of daily vocabulary. Now we are all acutely aware of social distancing and all that it entails, including the forced isolation and loneliness that can result from working hard to prevent the spread of the illness. By reaching out to talk to a counsellor, we can help provide resources and tools to help you access support and work through the lack of connectedness you’re experiencing.

  • To allay fears.

    What we’re all going through right now is unprecedented in our lifetime. And it is scary. Counsellors can provide relevant facts, debunk false information you may have received, and help you manage many of the frightening aspects of life in a pandemic. The key is not to minimize your fears, but to help you understand, process, and productively deal with them.

  • Support local.

    With most counselling occurring online during the pandemic, all it takes to access counselling services is an internet connection. At Collins Wellness, Counsellor Robin Collins began her university education in Kamloops and continues to serve the area’s population. She understands what the people of Kamloops are going through and can provide the specialized support needed to assist our local population.


At Collins Counselling, we believe that every person has three types of responses to life: mental (thoughts),emotional, and physiological (body/chemical/neural). We work with all three responses to build a greater understanding and awareness within every person we work with. We explore how the responses of the body affect our thoughts and emotions and how our thoughts affect our bodies and emotions. Our services include Narrative Therapy, Equine Assisted Counselling, and Nature-Based Therapy. We strive to provide treatment plans specific to the values, beliefs, and needs of each individual. We believe that helping to improve the mental health and well-being of our clients has a positive effect on the health and happiness of their families and our community. Please book an appointment today.


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