3 Options for Counselling at Collins Wellness

July 20th 2021

At Collins Wellness in Kamloops, we understand that no two people are exactly the same and for that reason we offer multiple counselling options. We work with you to create a customized approach that suits your needs and personality and will effectively guide you on your path to wellness. Plans and recommendations are tailored to the needs and lifestyle of each individual and/or family.

Traditional Counselling

If you’re looking for traditional talk-based therapy, we offer those services – both in-person and online via video sessions with a fully encrypted telehealth platform. During counselling sessions we will explore immediate issues as well as past histories and future goals for the purpose of facilitating and maintaining positive change. We offer a variety of approaches such as somatic experiencing, cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, and play therapy, when appropriate.

Nature-Based Counselling

Nature-Based Counselling uses the soothing, healing, and reflective space that nature provides to enhance the counselling experience. Using the natural rhythm of walking in a peaceful setting allows counsellors and clients to delve into the personal difficulties that the clients are experiencing in a compassionate and non-demanding way. Re-connecting with nature also acts as a powerful stress reliever and introduces fresh air and exercise as positive coping mechanisms. Getting back to nature with clients provides ongoing wellness opportunities as they learn to embrace and appreciate all that our natural world has to offer.

Equine-Assisted Counselling

Horses provide open and non-judgmental interactions. They communicate through body language and their engagement is based on respect, boundaries, compassion, and trust. They create a safe environment for exploring the many aspects of current relationships as well as teaching us how to build and maintain healthy ones. Working with horses helps us become aware of our internal-voice and clarifies how we see ourselves – a necessary step in developing self-compassion and initiating change. Including horses in sessions provides unique experiences that closely mirror real life within the safety net provided by these magnificent animals. Horses provide honest feedback on how we relate to other people and tell us if we are being authentic and truthful to both ourselves and others.

Choosing Collins Wellness does not mean choosing just one type of therapy. Life is not one-dimensional and neither is our approach. Our counselling approach is multi-dimensional, including evidence-based relational counselling, somatic experiencing therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy modalities which work hand-in-hand with neuro-biologically-oriented paradigms.

We believe everyone has three types of responses to life – mental, emotional, and physiological. At Collins Wellness, we work with all three responses to build a greater understanding and awareness within every person we work with. We explore how the responses of the body affect our thoughts and emotions and how our thoughts affect our body and emotions.

For more information on these services, check out our Services page, then Book an Appointment to get started on your path to wellness. Once you are registered you can choose what counselling modality you would like to participate in. From there, we will work together on an ongoing basis to discuss your needs and the best approach to accommodating those needs.

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