Life Advice from Horses

December 2nd 2020

In these turbulent times, there are a variety of triggers and traumas that could rear their ugly heads; get the help you need with us at Collins Counselling. Located in Kamloops, our priority is to give you the space, time, and tools for healing. We provide a non-judgmental, safe environment to do so. We are unique when it comes to counselling, as our approach includes Equine Assisted Counselling and Nature-Based Therapy


Horses have so much to teach us if we only open ourselves up to listen. What are some specifics in Life Advice you can get from Horses?


Trust is Built


The lives of horses are built upon a world of respect and especially trust. A horse’s reactions will always be genuine and of the moment. They are straightforward in their relationships; they will not blame, judge, or tell secrets. When you are first building a relationship with a horse, likely, neither of you will trust the other. Although, if you work with a horse long enough, you will have first-hand experience in knowing how trust can be established.


Hard Work Has A Pay Off


If you work with horses, you don’t get a day off. The hard work in freezing or sweltering weather is a necessity and not something you can stop because you don’t feel like it. Horses must have feed, water, and their needs met. Their survival is dependent on you taking care of them and being present. Mastering all aspects of riding takes years. In a society filled with instant gratification, horses have a lot to teach us about patience and the value of both mental and physical effort. It is the same for your mental health. When you make a conscious effort and continue to do the work, the payoff afterwards is worth it.


How to Set Boundaries


When you see ears back or, teeth bared it’s a clear warning you’ve invaded a horse’s personal space. A horse will give someone a chance to walk away but will also assert their boundaries and what is okay for them. A good example of how to stand up for yourself and establish boundaries is within the hierarchy of horses and their herds. They will be clear about who they do and don’t want to spend time with while avoiding escalating conflict. Civility is necessary, but you don’t have to be friends with everyone.  


In the many-faceted experiences that are life, we here at Collins Counselling knows that the safety of humans and horses alike is crucial. We truly, want to help build a stronger community and will develop a personalized plan to help you become the best version of yourself. With several integrations to repair and heal wounds both past and present, please don’t hesitate to contact us in Kamloops, BC today!

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