What is “self-care”?

What makes one activity merely something you enjoy while another is considered self-care? The term is used so frequently that it has lost most meaning and become nothing more than a catch phrase that is thrown around as a show.

Christianna Silva wrote a very compelling article called “The Millennial Obsession with Self-Care”. In it she incorporates Gracy Obuchowicz viewpoint that “self-care alone is not enough. You need to have self-awareness too.”

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Mental Health in the Agriculture Field

The B. C. Cattlemen’s Association is doing a webinar series to support their members and the public. The first webinar topic was on Mental Health and I was honoured to speak with Reg Steward, Provincial Ranching Safety Consultant for AgSafe BC, and our host Bree Patterson, of the B. C. Cattlemen’s Association.
There is a lot of information in the video below that applies to people in many different industries including agriculture. I hope that you find something that is helpful to you.

Working with Difficult Children in a Group Setting

I was asked recently to present at a 4-H Leaders conference on the topic of working with difficult children in a group setting. As a counsellor, I work with a variety of individual people and groups on various topics. I always count on there being one person or child that I struggle connecting with. I have learned to view this struggle in a positive light, a chance to grow and learn. It is my hope that you will learn how to make this struggle a positive driving force in your life too.

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